The PurpleSeal PSX All-Composite Frac Plug

Premium design and high performance at a great price.
• Upper and lower slips are composite body with powdered-metal buttons

• Plug contains less than 1% metal by volume; drill-out time is 7 minutes or less

• Anti-preset features in both the plug and wireline adapter kit prevent premature setting

• Proven seal-element back-up system ensures superior sealing capability
• Available with the PurpleSeal ExpressTM single-use frac-plug deployment system. Can also be deployed on Baker
or Owen setting tools

• Drill-out work string can be conventional or coiled tubing

• Optional pump-down wiper is included with every plug

SINGLE-USE FRAC-PLUG SYSTEMThe PurpleSeal Express™ system streamlines frac plug installation

It’s compact, lightweight, preassembled, and disposable. No more rig-site redressing and assembly errors that cause costly soft-sets and pre-sets.


The PurpleSeal PS-4 is an all-composite frac plug with powdered-metal buttons in the upper and lower slips. The plug delivers superior holding strength at temperatures up to 200° F. The cone-and-castellation design deploys the slips evenly and concentrically throughout the setting process.

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